Vendors and Exhibitors

NOTE: If you have reserved a booth or table for Cape Comic Con and still need to submit your payment, please see our Registration page.


Stroke of Brilliance

Stroke of Brilliance operates out of Cape Girardeau, face painting at a events ranging from birthdays to company picnics to comic cons. They specialize in face and body art and are adept at superhero based designs, all at a reasonable price. Both children and adults are welcome to come get painted by the Stroke of Brilliance artists.


The Corner Grocery Store

The Corner Grocery Store has been in existence for 7 years now, serving Downtown Cape Girardeau. In addition to groceries and a selection of household goods, they have been serving up delicious home cooked soup, sandwiches, and hot dinners.

Two years ago Corner Grocery decided to try their hand at candy making, and a whole new side to their business took off. Their first item (which is also many people's favorite) was the Kentucky Bourbon Ball, followed by Peanut Butter Delights, Giant Turtles, Peppermint Patties, and more.

Come see The Corner Grocery Store at Cape Comic Con for all of your candy needs!

The Corner Grocery Store on Facebook


Zielinski's Books and Games

Ste. Genevieve, Missouri's ONLY stop for Magic the Gathering, Role playing games, Pokémon, and SOON Warhammer! Also, Zielinski's and Coffey's Comics and Games will be holding Drafts and modern and standard side events ALL WEEKEND!

Come and check us out on Facebook!

Zielinski's on Facebook



Located in Poplar Bluff, Missouri, we are the one-stop shop for all of your gaming needs. At Cape Comic Con we will have a huge booth displaying a wide variety of gaming products. Stop by to check out our vintage video games, RPG's, board games, Collectibles, Magic singles, Pokemon singles, Yu-gi-oh! singles, Kaijudo singles, My Little Pony singles, and new product for all.

1UP GAME on Facebook


Cookie's Custom Creations

A second­-generation seamstress from Buffalo, New York with a love of the theatrical that began in high school, Cookie has designed, created, or repaired many costumes for a wide variety of theatrical productions. In recent years, Cookie's turned her attention to super­heroic costuming. Her most notable designs have been Uncle Dudley Marvel of the (Original Captain) Marvel Family, Bibbo Bibowski from the Superman books, and The Masters of the Universe's comic wizard Orko (who will make an appearance at Cape Con).

She also has a line of gift bags, vests, cloaks, masks, all created with the geek in mind that she'll be bringing to Cape Con.

Cookie's Custom Creations on Facebook


Cakes: Reanimated

Located in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, this up and coming bakery will be providing sweet treats all weekend long! So after your hard day of nerding out don't forget to stop by and check out those girls in the X-Men costumes...oh AND be sure to grab some cake!!

Cakes: Reanimated on Facebook



MuseTap Art Studios is a fan art company that sells poster prints! With over 450 prints in our travelling inventory, there is something for everyone. We cover all different fandoms and offer high quality work at a fair price!

MuseTap on deviantART

Alien Graphics

Brainstorms Laboratory Logo

Alien Graphics specializes in Novelty IDs such as Daily Planet Press Pass, Bounty Hunter Guild, and Zombie Hunter Permit (see examples). We also offer Vinyl Decals from many different fantoms, including The Green Lantern Corps, a TARDIS, Starfleet symbols, and more.

Cosplayers take note! Get souvenir pictures of you in costume at Cape Comic Con, printed with a unique border.


Frank Creations

Frank Creations specializes in fused glass decor and jewelry. Plates, bowls, candle holders, and pendants, but the most fun are decorative pieces for a wall or table. Many of our items feature symbols or emblems from a wide variety of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and more. We have lots to choose from at our booth, but we also take custom orders to help you find that one-of-a-kind creation.

Frank Creations on Facebook

Elf's Attic

Brainstorms Laboratory Logo

After many years of being told that video games were a waste of time, Chris Elfrink has now made a successful, small time side business out of his video game passion. Specializing in retro gaming, Elf's Attic stocks a modest inventory of video games, systems, and related merchandise from NES to modern systems. Elf's Attic also carries various vintage and newer pop culture collectibles and toys. Elf's Attic is always up for trading and buying video games and collectibles, so feel free to bring what you have to get rid of.

Acting Out!

Acting Out! is a new theatre company in Jackson, MO. It seeks to provide Southeast Missouri with professional level theatre and expose the residents to opportunities to participate at various levels from box office to lighting board to acting.

The 2014 season will open with A Midsummer Night's Dream (June 20 and 21), which will be performed at the Muny Band Shell. The musical this season will be Little Women (August 8, 9, & 10), and the season will close again with Night of the Living Dead (October Dates TBA).

Website | Acting Out! on Facebook


Stache Publishing

Stache is a group engaged in the publication and promotion of comics and other works of sequential art in the St. Louis Metro East area. Stache Publishing has a number of comics published Seven Deadly Sins Anthology, Tabula Rasa, Butterfly, and Gunpowder Witch, a free web comic, Pretty Face, and new comic series getting published soon - Ginormous and Somnium.

Stache Website | Stache on Facebook | Twitter

Brainstorms Laboratory Logo

Brainstorms Laboratory

Custom made action figures and concept design are what Brainstorms is all about. Brainstorms is the creator of Life Sized Heroes and has been featured at the Chicago Comic Con and as well as in ToyFare magazine. Brainstorms Laboratory has won several awards for the customs produced over a 10-year period.

Brad Moore

Brad Moore

Artist Brad Moore specializes in comics, horror books, and CD covers for metal bands. Brad has been published in over 300 countries for the past 28 years. Brad was recently selected to be in the publication Who's Who, a book of the best talents in their fields. He also was hand-picked by H.R. Giger to display his work at Giger's castle in Switzerland. His art heroes include the late Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Gil Kane, and Frank Brunner, to name a few.

Invasion of the Ninja
Jeffrey Allen Davis

Thomas Shaner

Thomas Shaner is an Artist/Cartoonist from Cape Girardeau, Mo. He has two degrees from Southeast Missouri State University -- B.A. in Art, and B.F.A. in Painting. He has been a lifelong fan of Star Trek, and his favorite series is Star Trek: The Next Generation.

He has been working on many different comic book projects, such as Killjoy: The Raygun Chronicles (A futuristic noir thriller with equal parts of horror thrown in) and Last Words (A redemption story of a man named Doug Gilliam set in an Urban Fantasy setting). Thomas has exhibited his work in the St. Louis area as part of the Foundry’s KA-POW show which is a juried show that focuses on comic related art. His work has been displayed in Chicago as part of the 2012 Chicon 7 science fiction convention, also known as Worldcon.

Thomas is the creator and artist of Magenta the Witchgirl,a webcomic about a witch who wants to be a superhero. Follow Magenta's adventures here.

Last Words on Facebook

Pixel FrankensteinPixel Captain America
Brian A. Borders

A.J. Garnett

The Pixel Peddler

After watching a friend make NES sprites with fusion beads, A.J. decided to give it a try himself. This soon spiraled out resulting in him making larger and larger things based on his loves of comics, video games, wrestling, and other assorted nerdery. Three years later he travels from Paducah, KY to nearby locations selling what he makes off as magnets, wall hangings, hair clips, and various other items.

Pixel Peddler Facebook | Twitter

Brian A. Borders' ArtworkBrian A. Borders' Artwork
Brian A. Borders

Brian A. Borders

7 x 70 Studios

Hailing from Campbell, Missouri, Brian Borders is the artist and writer of Suspenders and a Belt; Dreary Life of Abner Prost; Rogue, White & Blue; Every Last One; Rohevven (mini-series); Testament Tales (a new Christian series), and the writer of Aaron's Ghost. 7 x 70 Studios seeks to create positive media with positive morals in the hope of bringing others to Christ.

7 x 70 Studios on Facebook

Jeffrey Allen Davis

Chris Ebert

Chris Ebert is a local freelance artist out of Sikeston, MO. Chris has been attending Cape Comic Con for a few years now, and is currently working on releasing a book, Bulletridden, a western/horror story.

Come see Chris at Comic Con!

Examples of Chris's artwork:

See Chris on deviantART

Invasion of the NinjaKlandestine Maneuvers
Jeffrey Allen Davis

Jeffrey Allen Davis

In 1989, when Jeffrey Allen Davis was fourteen, he started a recording on his parents’ VCR to get a horror movie about a Ouija board.  It captured the movie that came on Showtime after it, as well.  That accidental recording, a ninja movie that starred Michael Dudikoff, grabbed his imagination and the shadow warriors have been hiding there ever since.  Over twenty years later, he still enjoys watching a good ninja movie.

"Davis writes from a suburb of St. Louis, MO, where he lives with his wife Vickie, two step-children Jayson and Breeanna, and his daughter Kaitlyn. An ordained minister, Davis’s writing tends to take place within a Christian worldview, even if the story isn’t overtly religious.

Davis spends his time watching Christian and martial arts movies, hanging out with his family, studying the Word, and contemplating the joy of Reformed Theology.

Davis's first book is Invasion of the Ninja, and his second book, Klandestine Maneuvers, will be released by the end of January. Davis plans to release his third book at Cape Comic Con!

Website | Davis on Facebook

Nathan Bonner's Artwork
Nathan Bonner

Nathan Bonner

Indavo; Shamus Stone

Nathan Bonner has been obsessed with robots and space for much of his life. His Space Adventure series Indavo was the manifestation of those obsessions. After seven years of that, a new obsession hit--Noir. The Dectective Comic Shamus Stone came into being. Now that that has wrapped up its first case, he has returned to space adventure with Indavo 2.0. He also enjoys ham.

Indavo | Shamus Stone

Burg Comics

Burg Comics

Located in Harrisburg, Illinois, Burg Comics offers a wide assortment of comics, HeroClix figures, and more. At Cape Comic Con, Burg Comics will have well over 8,000 comics, from the 1960s to present day. The majority of comics will be priced at $1 each or $75 for 100 books. Long boxes will include extended runs of Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny X-men, Action Comics, Batman, Detective Comics and much more.

Email your want list to so the right long boxes make it to the convention.

Website | Burg Comics eBay Store

Brian Rhodes' Artwork
Brian Rhodes

Brian Rhodes

Mike and the Ninja

Brian Rhodes is a writer and cartoonist, and is the creator of the webcomic Mike and the Ninja.The comic has been featured by KRCU public radio, The Southeast Missourian, the Missouri Arts Council, and on the coffee tables and bookshelves of three or maybe four homes in the tri-state area.

Brian's fun and witty style is enjoyed and appreciated by fans of all ages and genres. When he's not writing or drawing, Brian can't stop thinking about video games, baseball, Star Trek, 80's music, road maps, or professional wrestling.

Brian started making comics at age 9, directly resulting in his lifelong inability to compute fractions. It was worth it.

Website | Twitter | Mike and the Ninja on Facebook

Helock Comics Artwork
Helock Comics

Helock Comics

In 1972 , a crack creative team was sent to prison by a jury of their peers for a crime they totally didn't mean to commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Poplar Bluff underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as small press comic creators. If you want to buy comics...if you've got more money than you know what to do with...and if you can find them...maybe you can buy comics from...Helock Comics.

That's right! The boys from Helock Comics are returning for their fifth year in a row. What antics do they have planned for Cape Comic Con 2014? I'm glad you asked, whatever your name is. Helock Comics has been hard at work to bring you new and exciting adventures. Come to the guys and check out their most recent work.

Helock Comics is based out of Poplar Bluff, MO. Its creators are legion and hail from all parts...of Southern Missouri.

Official Facebook Page

Night of the Dragon

Night of the Dragon

DL Moore first shared Night of the Dragon with the world in 2005. Sadly, DL passed away in 2011 before he could finish the third and final installment. The torch has now been passed to DL's daughter, Amanda Rhodes. Amanda is a local creative spirit who writes music, plays the piano, and occasionally ventures into the fields of art and writing. Night of the Dragon III: Full Circle has been completed, so DL Moore's full saga is now available.

More Vendors Appearing at Cape Con!

Phil's Toys
Coffey's Comics & Games
Game Knights
Costumers for Christ
Wil Woods
Wyrd Chains and J Customs
S&S Collectibles
Infinite Collectibles
Kerry Gilley
Perry Gross
Tim Hosey
The Zocalo Connection
Raven's Proxies
Ruble Mizer
Kevin Reiminger
Travis Quertermous

If you are vending or exhibiting at Cape Comic Con and would like to see your information here, please email a photograph and/or logo, bio/profile, and examples of work.

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