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Mr. Bill's Comics & Collectibles

Mr. Bill has been an avid comic collector since the early 1960's. He's been told that he might have one of the best complete SilverAge collections between St. Louis, Memphis, & Little Rock. While his core collection is NOT for sale, he has over 10,000 that are for sale. Thousands of Gold, Silver, Bronze and more recent are available. Some are worthy of a $1000 price tag, but the vast majority will be priced from $1 to $100. Hundreds of the ever-popular "GrabBags" will be offered at $5 each. While Mr. Bill does not have a website yet, he gladly accepts want-lists and fills the orders by mail, always postage free.

Email Mr. Bill at

Happy Day Comics

Happy Day Comics sell comics, some crafts, posters, artwork signed by artists (e.g. Neal Adams prints), trade paperbacks, magazines, etc.



Rrrshopgifts makes custom vinyl shirts and outrageous leggings! Your imagination is the only limit. Please stop by and introduce yourself! Rrrshopgifts is also a proud sponsor of the Cape Girardeau Roller Girls.

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Memphis Wrestling History

Memphis Wrestling History has a goal of documenting the glory days of wrestling so the memories are not forgotten. They currently have released 25 books that cover Memphis, Atlanta, AWA, Jim Crockett Promotion's Mid-Atlantic territory and Houston with more to follow.


A & J Comics and Collectibles

A & J Comics and Collectibles deals in Comic Books golden age, silver age, bronze age, wrestling collectibles, and older toys. Buy, sell, and trade! Come by a visit us, I love looking a your comics and talking to comic and wrestling fans.

Sean Dulaney

Along with working in radio around the Evansville, IN, area, Sean Dulaney has also been making a name for himself in the comics field, writing and editing for publishers including Digital Webbing, Arcana, Levity Biographies and AAM/Markosia as well as his own BIMOR COMICS imprint. Special for the show will be the second chapter of THE “IT” GIRL MURDERS with a “Cape Con Exclusive” cover along with previews of other upcoming projects.

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Infinite Collectibles

Infinite Collectibles sells busts, comics, and their own handmade comic and pop culture coasters.

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Brix-n-Clix sells licensed Anime Swag: Bags,Plushies,Shirts,Mugs & More! They Also sell Pop Culture Collectibles & shirts: Dr. Who, Game of Thrones, Supernatural & More!

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Jay Noel

Jay Noel was born on an uncharted island somewhere in the pacific and raised by elves and fairies. Okay, maybe not, but Jay was always known to be one for daydreaming. Jay was actually born in New York, but currently lives in St. Louis with his family. He also attended Southeast Missouri State University where he received a degree in English and Education. In December of 2013, his Asian-inspired steampunk novel, Dragonfly Warrior, became an Amazon Bestseller. The second book in series, Shadow Warrior, also became a bestseller after its release in September of 2014.

Jay Noel on Facebook | Website

Coffey's Comics and Games

Matt Coffey runs Coffey's Comics and Games in downtown in Cape Girardeau. Coffey's deals in a wide variety of comics and games - golden age to modern, minis to collectible card games.

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Celesta's Art

Celesta is a retro and pop fantasy illustrator with roots in sketch cards and noted contributions to the ThunderCats brand. Along with her own business, Celesta is co-founder, podcast host and illustrator for

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Chris Ebert

Chris Ebert is a local freelance artist out of Sikeston, MO. Chris has been attending Cape Comic Con for a few years now, and looking forward to bringing new work to Cape Comic Con's Tenth Anniversary!

Come see Chris at Comic Con!

Burg Comics

Burg Comics will be on-site with a selection of 1000s of back issue comics and Heroclix. We also take want lists prior to the convention so we can have the comics you are looking for ready to pick up when you arrive at the show. Email want lists and questions to or visit Burg Comic's eBay store.

Burg Comics on Facebook | Website


Frank Creations

Frank Creations specializes in fused glass decor and jewelry. Plates, bowls, candle holders, and pendants, but the most fun are decorative pieces for a wall or table. Many of our items feature symbols or emblems from a wide variety of sci-fi, fantasy, anime, and more. We have lots to choose from at our booth, but we also take custom orders to help you find that one-of-a-kind creation.

Paul Frank has been going to cons for five years selling his fused glass pendants and plates. This will be his fourth year attending Cape Comic Con. Frank started this enterprise after retiring from teaching high school. He enjoys all the vitality, the energy, and the creativeness of the con goers and their cosplay outfits.

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A.J. Garnett

The Pixel Peddler

After watching a friend make NES sprites with fusion beads, A.J. decided to give it a try himself. This soon spiraled out resulting in him making larger and larger things based on his loves of comics, video games, wrestling, and other assorted nerdery. Three years later he travels from Paducah, KY to nearby locations selling what he makes off as magnets, wall hangings, hair clips, and various other items.

Pixel Peddler on Facebook | Twitter

J Customs

J Customs makes chainmaille jewelry and accessories, leather products, hand-stamped personalized jewelry, laser engraved signs and products, customized impact printed dog tags. J Customs loves working on custom projects, so bring your ideas!

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