Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Jeffrey Allen Davis

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Jeffrey Allen Davis returns for his second year at the Cape Comic-Con!

Davis writes Action/Adventure fiction with a Christian twist. A child of the 80's, he was initially inspired by the martial arts movies that were so prevalent during that decade. As early as his preteen years, he would hand draw comics about a group of martial artist heroes. His friends and cousins would read them and pay him polite, insincere compliments.

When he was a Junior in high school, he had a study hall that took place before any of the classes that actually gave him homework. So, finally realizing that he couldn’t draw a stick figure properly, he wrote—by hand—three stories about his martial arts team. The compliments were more sincere this time, as the readers didn’t have to sit through his awful artwork.

His Senior year of high school, Davis finally took a typing class with the Sophomores. During this time, he was a library assistant and, to help him with his typing, the librarian gave him a blank 3.5” floppy disk so that he would write on the library computer (after his work was done, of course) and be able to save it. He took the first handwritten story from the prior year and expanded it, finishing a prologue and two chapters by the end of the school year.

The summer after high school, he received his first computer as a graduation present. It was state of the art, with four Megs of RAM and a 256 Meg hard drive. He finished that first story, printed it off on his awesome dot-matrix printer, and put it in a three-ring binder. Then he got bored and stopped writing. Two years later, some of his friends were visiting him and one of them, a sweet girl named Anna, saw that manuscript and asked to borrow it. He let her and was shocked when she’d finished half of it by the time he saw her at their church’s youth meeting the next day. Inspired, he wrote two more manuscripts before he left home to go for his Junior year at SMSU in Springfield, MO.

In 2000, Davis had just moved with his wife into their first apartment when he found the three manuscripts and the corresponding computer disks. The first one was corrupted, so he completely rewrote it (again). It was published through a “traditional” publisher in 2003 and the sequel was published through the same publisher in 2005. Irritated by the way that they treated their authors, he resolved to not publish anything else through them until his contract was up.

In 2010, he founded a new press, GCD Publishing. After publishing a novella, he re-published his first book, completely rewritten (AGAIN), in 2013. He is continuing that series, while planning at least a trilogy of novels (and short stories) about Seigi, the reformed assassin.

Look for these titles at Comic Con!

Visit Jeffrey Allen Davis at his website, and come see him at Cape Comic Con 2015!

Cape Comic Con Spotlight Cape Comic Con Spotlight Cape Comic Con Spotlight

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