Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Helock Comics

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Life used to be normal for them. Get up. Go to work. Come home. Eat dinner. Go to bed. Wash. Rinse. Repeat. Every day he same. That all changed the day they were diagnosed with terminal creativity. It began with noble intentions; they said they just wanted to express themselves, to leave their mark upon the world, but as Hemingway told us, “The road to hell is paved with unbought stuffed dead dogs.” Their intentions, regardless of how noble, became nothing more than rationalizations for something far darker.

Like so many misguided souls before them, they had begun making comics. They would meet discreetly, in some barn or hunting cabin in the middle of nowhere, away from the scrutinizing eye of society, and work through the night, cooking up panel layouts and page compositions. The Helock Comics Crew are wanted for nine counts of genre fiction, eight counts of manufacturing a controlled story, and two counts of distributing alternate cover art. If you see them, notify your friends on Facebook immediately.

Official Facebook Page

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Cookie's Custom Creations

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cookie Morris can claim her talent is genetic. A second­generation seamstress from Buffalo, New York with a love of the theatrical that began in high school, Cookie has designed, created, or repaired many costumes for theatrical productions as varied as Oliver, Do Black Patent Leather Shoes Really Reflect Up?, My Fair Lady, The Music Man, and Les Miserables.

In recent years, Cookie's turned her attention to super­heroic costuming. With her sewing kit in hand, she's repaired or design­consulted on many costumes for her friends and clients, work that has earned special awards at Gen Con and the annual Superman Celebration in Metropolis, Illinois. Her most notable designs, often with her husband Brian inside them, have been Uncle Dudley Marvel of the (Original Captain) Marvel Family, Bibbo Bibowski from the Superman books, and The Masters of the Universe's comic wizard Orko (who will make an appearance at Cape Con).

She also has a line of gift bags, vests, cloaks, masks, all created with the geek in mind that she'll be bringing to Cape Con.

Cookie lives in East Central Illinois, a couple of hours south of Chicago, with her husband, author Brian K. Morris (whose second book, Santastein, will be released soon). They have no pets, no children (except Brian), and too many comic books which Cookie is selling to feed her fabric habit.

Examples of Cookie's work:
Cookie's Creation Cookie's Creation Cookie's Creation

Cookie's Custom Creations on Facebook

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Acting Out!

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Acting Out! is a new theatre company in Jackson, MO. It seeks to provide Southeast Missouri with professional level theatre and expose the residents to opportunities to participate at various levels from box office to lighting board to acting.

Acting Out! began its inaugural season with Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet performed at the Muny Band Shell in Jackson, MO. The season continued with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, and wrapped up with Night of the Living Dead.

The 2014 season will open with A Midsummer Night's Dream (June 20 and 21), which will be performed at the Muny Band Shell. The musical this season will be Little Women (August 8, 9, & 10), and the season will close again with Night of the Living Dead.

Acting Out! hopes to eventually move into a permanent home where it will continue to build its season and reach as many people as possible.

Website | Acting Out! on Facebook

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Brian Rhodes

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Born with an Atari 2600 joystick in hand and imaginative, influential children of the 80's as siblings, Brian Rhodes had no other choice but to embrace his roots and enter the world of creative writing and cartooning. The result? Mike and the Ninja, a 3-volume, 305-page saga of ninja, video game references, and silly humor wrapped around a story about two guys trying to find their place in the world.

Brian began work on Mike and the Ninja in 2000, but didn't seriously begin tackling the project until 2008, when he vowed to not let the comic be lost in a pile of other unfinished works and empty Little Caesar's Pizza boxes. Since then, Brian has completed Mike and the Ninja, and with the release of Volume 3 at Cape Comic Con, he brings the final volume of the story to you. With Mike and the Ninja wrapped up, Brian is planning a blog and a novel, some cartooning here and there, and has long-term plans for a new series of comics. When urged to reveal more information on these alleged comics, Brian activated a hidden trapdoor that deposited the interviewer in a sewer.

Brian started making comics at age 9, directly resulting in his lifelong inability to compute fractions. Fortunately, liberal arts education exists for those who stink at math, and Brian found himself with an English degree and a wealth of experience in graphic design, marketing, and advertising.

Brian lives in Cape Girardeau, Missouri, with his wife, Amanda, and their two cats, Bones and Miles. He will be at Cape Con all three days, and will be offering all three volumes of Mike and the Ninja, sketches, lots of laughs, and some freebies, too.

Website | Mike and the Ninja on Facebook

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Artist Brad Moore

Monday, February 10, 2014

Artist Brad Moore specializes in indie comics, horror books, and is a top 10 Metal Band CD cover artist. Brad has been published in over 300 countries for the past 28 years. Brad was recently selected to be in the publication Who's Who, a book of the best talents in their fields. He also was hand-picked by H.R. Giger to display his work at Giger's castle in Switzerland. His art heroes include the late Frank Frazetta, Jeff Jones, Gil Kane, and Frank Brunner, to name a few.

He is responsible for reviving the legendary underground comic, Skull for Last Gasp, and has worked alongside such industry legends as Steve Bissette, Tim Vigil, and Everette Hartsoe.  Cartooning legend S. Clay Wilson has called Brad “..a visionary”.  Rounding out his many works are commissions for TV commercial storyboards, designs for film, and comic art for Legacy of Death, and Wombs and Tombs. Brad has even appeared in many films, including Fish Finger and the still-in-production Dig 2 Graves. Brad works in his studio at the Southernmost tip of Illinois.

Example of Brad's artwork:
Brad's artwork

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Artist Wade Moore

Monday, February 10, 2014

Brainstorms Laboratory is celebrating 11 years of creativity!

For many years Wade Moore has been a fan of comics.  He was lucky enough to have grown up learning to draw and how to use his creativity from his brother, Brad Moore, a famous underground comics and CD cover painter. Wade started creating superheros around the age of 5. He would sit on with his brother, who he would draw Wade's thoughts. By age 7,  Wade was tracing and drawing his own visions.

Wade says of his brother, "We have 7 years between us so growing up was not always the nicest between brothers. I realize now how much I bothered him. But he never told me to get lost when I wanted to draw or sculpt with him in our little home studio back in the day. Now my brother and I are great friends and always share in our creations. Even though I paint and draw nothing like he does, he is my source inspiration."

Wade enjoys sharing his work with others and hopes it will inspire artists of all ages to not let their dreams fall to the wayside.

Examples of Wade's work:
Wade's artwork Wade's artwork Wade's artwork

Custom made action figures and concept design are what Brainstorms is all about. Brainstorms is the creator of Life Sized Heroes and has been featured at the Chicago Comic Con and as well as in ToyFare magazine. Brainstorms Laboratory has won several awards for the customs produced over a 11-year period.

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Stache Publishing

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Stache is a group engaged in the publication and promotion of comics and other works of sequential art in the St. Louis Metro East area. Stache Publishing has a number of comics published Seven Deadly Sins Anthology, Tabula Rasa, Butterfly, and Gunpowder Witch, a free web comic, Pretty Face, and new comic series getting published soon - Ginormous and Somnium.

Alice Harvey

Alice Harvey has had a passion for art in every form since childhood. Always ready to increase her knowledge and take on a challenge, she has dabbled in several styles, eventually taking on her second love; the culinary arts. When she's not working Alice can be found enjoying the great outdoors and searching for the best restaurants St.Louis has to offer. One thing is for sure, Alice will never be a starving artist.

Anthony Mathenia

Anthony Mathenia is a novelist, freelance writer, and blogger. Anthony has appeared in various print and online publications and is the author of two novels Happiness: How to Find It and Paradise Earth, published by Curiosity Quills Press. During the month of November he volunteers as municipal liaison to the Southern Illinois region for National Novel Writing Month, an event that has helped hundreds of thousands toward reaching their goal of writing a novel. He grew up in a religious cult and sincerely apologizes for waking you up on Saturday mornings in order to recruit you.

Drew Rose

Drew Rose is a manager of a local comic shop in Edwardsville Illinois called Heroic Adventures. While doing that and going to school, he decided to try his hand at writing comics. He is currently working on Ginormous with fellow Stache members David Tickner and Lauren Ousley. He currently resides in Granite City Illinois with his wife Jennifer and two awesome puppies named Scarlet and Dexter.

Lauren Ousley

Lauren Ousley, a passionate and driven individual, strives for herself and those around her to be as creative and successful as possible. Studied as a fine artist, as well as a illustrator/graphic designer, she has a broad array of interests that keep her busy. Using her knowledge of the fine arts and graphic design to inspire more versatile ways to solve daily problems is a trait that allows her to succeed at any endeavor she takes on. While her love for color allows her to personify her work, it also is used as an outlet of self expression through her daily appearance and ever changing hair.

Ryan Lawson

Ryan Lawson is a fine artist by heart who studied at SIUE, focusing mainly on photorealistic drawings and art nouveau printmaking. He is a co-founding member of Stache Publishing, as well as a connoisseur of fine clothing, spirits and suspenders. He has been producing comics for the last two years, during which he had a short web-comic series titled Kingdom of Imagination. He has since been continuing his passion for comics by working on a project called Somnium. Ryan’s comic book art style is influenced by his background in fine art. He creates comics in the traditional methods of penciling and inking. Ryan also does cover work for other comics in addition to commissions.

Jordan Williams

Jordan Williams is an artist, writer, and illustrator and is the creator of the comic book, Gunpowder Witch. Williams has his bachelor degree in art from SIUE and focuses much of his fine art on storytelling and the use of sequential art in various two-dimensional media, such as ink, graphite, charcoal and printmaking. 
Williams’ art has been featured in fine art exhibitions and gallery shows. Williams has been accepted into a juried art show, has been awarded best of show in a local fine art fair in 2011 and again in 2012, and was selected as a finalist in Poster Clash 2011. Williams’ work is included in numerous private collections. 
He is currently working on writing and illustrating comic books for Stache Publishing and becoming a Pokémon master. Williams is the one writing this bio in third person, and feels awkward about it.

Shane Crash

Shane Crash is the author of the bestselling novel, Forest Life. His writing on social issues has been featured in Sojourners and his travel writing has been featured in Vagobond. He can usually be found drinking in a dimly lit pub behind his keyboard,somewhere in the continental US or surrounding areas, though it would be futile to guess at his current residence, as it will likely have changed numerous times.

Shane's Website

David Tickner

David Tickner is a writer and colorist. He is currently co-writing Ginormous with Drew Rose. After a life time of enjoying and collecting comics he is working to create something of his own.

Nathan Bonner

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Artist Nathan Bonner

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nathan Bonner has been drawing robots and spaceships most of his life. He is completely mad about space, spaceship design and the occasional hard-boiled detective. His comics, Indavo and Shamus Stone, are the physical representations of these interests. He also enjoys ham.

Indavo concerns the adventures of a freelance space explorer named Indavo, together with Racheal (a very knowledgable girl from the sticks) and robotic Despot Gauron T, roam the Universe getting into all sorts of mayhem. Indavo's first series ran from 2003 - 2010. Currently Indavo 2.0 has started to bring a bit more mayhem to the Universe.
Check out Indavo!

Examples of Nathan's artwork:
Nathan's artwork

Shamus Stone is a film noir style detective comic that follows a detective in post-war Chicago in a case involving Dames, Masks and Murder.
Investigate Shamus Stone!

Andy Borders

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Artist Andy Borders

Monday, January 20, 2014

Brian A. Borders, better known as "Andy" to his friends, has been an avid fan of comic books and role-playing games as far back as he can remember. In the late 80's he self published a monthly newsletter entitled Packrat, which contained articles and original artwork pertaining to the comic book scene. In 1991, Andy co-founded Helock Comics, an independent comic company, with a group of his good friends. In the years that followed, Andy worked as creative consultant for the company and as writer and illustrator on titles such as: 

  • Suspenders & a Belt
  • The Dreary Life of Abner Prost
  •  Rogue, White, & Blue
  •  Every Last One: The Adventures of Six-Gun Sally & Samurai Sue

After a bit of soul searching in 2011, Andy formed 7X70 STUDIOS, with the mission statement of creating positive media with positive morals in the hope of bringing others to Christ. Under the 7X70 banner, Andy released Testament Tales, a retelling of the King James version of Genesis from creation to expulsion from Eden. Other future projects from 7X70 include:

  • Lark
  • The Martyr
  • Rohevven
  • Litany of the Jacks

  Andy has also contributed artwork to the Blaster for Hire RPG, the Lightkeeper comic, and book 3 of Jeffrey A. Davis's  Adventure Chronicles.

A fan of all things role-playing oriented, Andy has proudly held onto the moniker of Dungeon Master for the past 30+ years. He currently lives in Campbell, MO with his lovely wife, Sunny. Andy has four children and three (soon to be four!) grandchildren. 

Email | 7 x 70 Studios on Facebook

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
Jeffrey Allen Davis

Monday, January 13, 2014

Jeffrey Allen Davis writes Action/Adventure fiction with a Christian twist. A child of the 80s, he was initially inspired by the martial arts movies that were so prevalent during that decade. As early as his preteen years, he would hand draw comics about a group of martial artist heroes. His friends and cousins would read them and pay him polite, insincere compliments.

When he was a Junior in high school, he took a study hall that was before any of the classes that actually gave him homework. So, finally realizing that he couldn’t draw a stick figure properly, he wrote—by hand—three stories about his martial arts team. The compliments were more sincere this time, as the readers didn’t have to sit through his awful artwork.

His Senior year of high school, he finally took a typing class with the Sophomores. During this time, he was a library assistant and, to help him with his typing, the librarian gave him a blank 3.5” floppy disk so that he would write on the library computer (after his work was done, of course) and be able to save it. He took the first handwritten story from the prior year and expanded it, finishing a prologue and two chapters by the end of the school year.

The summer after high school, he received his first computer as a graduation present. It was state of the art, with four Megs of RAM and a 256 Meg hard drive. He finished that first story, printed it off on his awesome dot-matrix printer, and put it in a three-ring binder. Then he got bored and stopped writing.

Two years later, some of his friends were visiting him and one of them, a sweet girl named Anna, saw that manuscript and asked to borrow it. He let her and was shocked when she’d finished half of it by the time he saw her at their church’s youth meeting the next day. Inspired, he wrote two more manuscripts before he left home to go for his Junior year at SMSU in Springfield, MO.

In 2000, he had just moved with his wife into their first apartment when he found the three manuscripts and the corresponding computer disks. The first one was corrupted, so he completely rewrote it (again). It was published through a “traditional” publisher in 2003 and the sequel was published through the same publisher in 2005. Irritated by the way that they treated their authors, he resolved to not publish anything else through them until his contract was up.

In 2010, he founded a new press, GCD Publishing. After publishing a novella about pornography, he re-published his first book, completely rewritten (AGAIN), in 2013, with BOOK TWO due by February of 2014 and BOOK THREE to be released at the Cape Comic-con in March of 2014.

Invasion of the NinjaKlandestine Maneuvers

A Baptist minister, Davis’s books take place within a Christian worldview . . . even if they are not overtly religious.


  • -Prefers to introduce himself as “Jeffrey Davis,” rather than “Jeff Davis.” He does this to avoid people asking him if he’s descended from the president of the Confederacy. He’s gotten this question far too many times and the answer is no.
  • -Loves to eat fried chicken livers.
  • -Favorite band in the early 2000s was “ZoeGirl.” Yes . . . the girl band.
  • -Favorite color is green.
  • -Now lives less than four blocks from the hospital in which he was born.
  • -He drinks far too many energy drinks
  • -His theology is Reformed Charismatic
  • -Holds a grudge against Marvel Comics for retconning Peter and Mary Jane’s marriage.
  • -Is one of the two people in the world who enjoyed the 1992 Buffy the Vampire Slayer movie more than the television series.

Website | Davis on Facebook

Cape Comic Con Spotlight:
DL Moore

Monday, January 6, 2014

DL Moore' Artwork
Romulan DL

DL Moore was a life-long Science Fiction enthusiast, greatly enjoying Star Trek, Star Wars, and many other Sci-Fi creations.  DL also enjoyed reading comic books as a kid, which influenced the creation of Night of the Dragon.  He loved the idea of a regular person having to learn to control a power and use it for the good of mankind.  DL was interested in many artistic forms, including music, painting, drawing, and writing.  While his novels are the only major works published, DL was also published in magazines from time to time, usually with articles having to do with farming or do-it-yourself topics.

DL held many jobs in his life - dairy farmer, veterinary assistant, home remodeler, and County Director for Missouri Family Support Division.  DL was active in the community, serving on boards for several charities and programs.  Through it all, he wrote short stories and developed what we now know as Night of the Dragon.

DL Moore first shared Night of the Dragon with the world in 2005.  This publication was a source of great pride for DL's family, and the book quickly became popular among friends and family.  They clamored for more, and work soon began on Night of the Dragon II: Broken Dreams.  DL began taking his works to Author Days in the Springfield, MO area, and began attending The Cape Comic Con, in Cape Girardeau, MO in 2008.  While not exactly the same as the comics and sci-fi merchandise one usually finds at a comic convention, DL felt that the spirit of the story was the same, having been influenced by his love of comics as a kid.  Night of the Dragon II: Broken Dreams debuted at the 2009 Cape Comic Con, where it was well received by the growing fan base.

Work on the story continued, but sadly, DL passed away in March 2011 before he could publish the third and final installment.  The torch has now been passed to DL’s daughter, Amanda Rhodes.  Amanda worked with the original editing team (her mother and sister), to complete the third book.  Night of the Dragon III: Full Circle was completed in fall 2012; the entire Night of the Dragon saga is now available for all to enjoy.

Night of the Dragon

Fun Trivia:

DL Moore' Artwork
  • Named after his father (D) and grandmother (L).
  • Favorite color: Black
  • Favorite cereal: Shredded Wheat
  • Place of Birth: Mountain Grove, MO
  • Favorite drink: Coffee
  • Dream car: Batmobile
  • Favorite music group: Fleetwood Mac

Some words from DL Moore:

  • I have a great many interests, though few with depth.
  • I enjoy reading, writing, surfing the net, and dabbling in research of geology, archeology, palentology, astronomy, etc.
  • I regularly add birthdays though I rarely feel old.
  • I've been reading for as long as I remember.  I've been writing only a short time less.  I've been saving my writing since 2001. 
  • My goal in writing is to share with others the marvelous pasttime that reading has given me.
  • My biggest compliment: "I got lost in the story and forgot whatever else I was supposed to be doing."

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