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Misty Brew

Misty Brew's show originally aired every Friday Night at 11pm CST, on KBSI TV 23 The Fox Affiliated Station for The Paducah, Ky/Harrisburg, IL/Cape Girardeau, Mo Television Market. It was also picked up by other independent Fox Networks and ran in other markets threw the midwest and southern states.

Making her television debut in 1985, Misty Brew continued to host a variety of Creature Feature movies until late 1989. With reruns into 1990 still air airing on some channels. In 2013 she was reawakened with a Youtube Channel and in 2014 she was Hosting her show on Kreepy Kastle.

Misty Brew was born on October 31, 1666, making her well over the ripe old age of 300. But her ageless beauty has never changed, and still has not to this day. Thanks to her ancestors bloodline, or maybe just something special in her blood.

Her signature greeting was "Good Evening Human Creatures." And she continued to surprise, invigorate and entice her audience over the years. Generating lots of fan mail from across the heartland.

Misty was often accompanied by various campy co/host her old dear friend "Frankie" along with The Count, Freddie, Wolfie, Dead Thing, Super Natural, J.C. & Ro Dio, Santa, and many others". Her on air personality progressed from Dark and Mystical to Wacky off the wall shtick with a Midwest flare. Her sassy jabs and pop culture heckles were a favorite of her viewers.

Misty Brew often made personal appearances and Fan Meetings. She was a regular in local newspaper and TV Guides in the late 80s.

Misty Brew's Creature Feature aired classic films like Psycho, Swamp Thing, Phantom Of The Opera, The Haunting, Theater of Blood, Wolfman, Dracula, and a yearly Halloween Marathon.

Along with Creature Feature Misty Brew would often host "The 8 O'Clock Movie" in prime time. She would host films such as "My Bloody Valentine", "Ghoulies", "Carrie", "Firestarter", "Bug", "TARANTULAS: The Deadly Cargo", "Psycho", "Bugs", "Demon Seed", "Frenzy", "The Ants", "The Birds", "The Questor Tapes", "The UFO Incident", "Night Creatures", "Dark Garden", and others.

In 2014 Misty Brew re-emerged with a new show on Youtube. Originally featuring classic past clips from her original show, the site soon began showing current new footage recently filmed by Misty. Her fan base continues to grow nightly. By the end of 2014 she was hosting shows on Kreepy Kastle. In 2015 the first Misty Brew Comic Book was printed. Misty Brew is back for blood!

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